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HemlockFest Sponsors

You can help save the Hemlocks, receive recognition for your
organization, and feel some well-deserved satisfaction by becoming
a Supporting Sponsor for HemlockFest.  Donations and festival
proceeds will be used to help us to continue to raise public awareness
of the Hemlock problem and promote action; provide ongoing
support for the efforts of all three labs in Georgia that raise predatory
beetles to combat the HWA on public land; assist private land owners
and public agencies in managing the health of their Hemlock trees;
and facilitate other projects that benefit north Georgia, Lumpkin
County, its residents and visitors.

Silent Auction

If you would like to sponsor a Silent Auction item or service, please
contact Neville Harris at(540) 921-3444 or contact Mr. Harris via
email:  Neville Harris.

Examples of great goodies for the Silent Auction range from dinners
at wonderful restaurants, weekend getaways, and the royal treatment
at day-spas to one-of-a kind artwork, hand-made quilts, and unique
gifts.  Festival-goers can see or read about the items all during the
event and record their bids.  The winner of each item is announced at
the end of the festival (but need not be present to win).

Materials Needed

Contributions don't always have to be in the form of money.  If you'd
care to donate or lend materials, here are some of the things we
typically need.

mulch (10 pickup truck loads)  - delivered if possible
fire wood (seasoned hardwood, no green stuff)
fat wood and fire lighters (no liquid fire starter)
two large sturdy wheel barrows
portable kerosene or propane heaters and extra fuel
rolls of duct tape
plywood, lumber, and other building materials
heavy-duty outdoor extension cords
arts and crafts materials for Kids' Nature Village
seasonal items like pumpkins, bundles of corn stalks, potted mums,
etc. to decorate the stage area
lamps, sturdy coffee tables and end tables for the band tent
contractor trash bags 35 gal or larger
Thanks to Our Supporting Sponsors

Below is a partial list of the many businesses, organizations, and
individual contributors who are supporting our efforts this year and/or
have supported us through donations of funds, materials, silent
auction items, and services in years past.  We thank you so much,
and the Hemlocks thank you too!

We'd love to add more Sponsors' names and links here to recognize
your value to us and the entire community, so if you would like to
become a sponsor, or are already a sponsor and would like your
name to be shown here, please Contact Us and let us know.

  • Rack Systems Holdings       
  • Wal-Mart, Dahlonega GA   
  • The Window Guy       
  • UPrinting
  • Pamela Belamy
  • Kathy Bell
  • Belle Avance
  • Bob & Susan Billings
  • Kelly Bonner
  • The Branding Iron
  • Cedar House Inn & Yurts
  • Julia Clark
  • Face Painting
  • Richard J. Corbin
  • John & Gertrude Crane
  • Betty L. Dunn
  • Kevin Flanagan
  • Deanne Freeman,
  • Etowah River Pottery
  • K. C. Fuller & Associates
  • Bill & Betty Gunn
  • Mike & Judy Harrison
  • Mark & Amy Hillis
  • Johnson's Trees & Shrubs
  • Jones Hauling
  • Greg & Mary Jordan
  • Kristen Jordan
  • Josh & Leigh, Hiker Hostel
  • Milly Kivlehan
  • Tom and Vivian Lamb
  • Howard & Lavonne Markel
  • David & Louise Miller
  • Moore Hardware
  • Esther Motsi
  • Betty Murray
  • Ocoee Rafting
  • Liza O'Neal
  • Parks Clothing Shop
  • R. K. Whitehead
  • Cat Wondergram & Rich Steingress
  • Wood’s Hole Hostel & Mountain Retreat
  • Philip & Dorothy Zinsmeister

  • The Sally & Peter Parsonson Foundation
  • Richard Pennington
  • Ronnie Pettit
  • Meredith Anne Philips
  • Denny Rhodes
  • Paul & Flo Roberts
  • Hoyt & Mary Robinson
  • Jim & Nancy Ross
  • Chris & Rita Roussel
  • Mandy Russo
  • Judy Sells
  • Marcee Shenk
  • Amy Smith
  • Penny Snyder
  • Brian Sorohan
  • Eddie Spaghetti
  • Fred & Mary Beth Tanner
  • William & Andrea Timpone
  • Tents Tents Tents
  • Trammel Tire Co.
  • Under the Hemlock
  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • Woodland's Edge
  • Orea Van Doran
  • Vintage Music
  • Brad Walker Pottery
  • Jerry & April Welner
cove bear
gc landscaping
hike in
Leilanis garden
lifetime bikes
medicine bow
sierra club
Seed and Root level
sponsors will be
listed on this
Sponsors page of
our website and
receive a tax
deduction along with
our thanks.
= or >$100
= > $250
Canopy, Cambium,
and Trunk level
sponsors will be
listed in the
program in
distinguishing fonts
according to level.
Canopy and
Cambium level
sponsors will be
included on a banner
in distinguishing
fonts according to
level and will include
one-color logo.  The
banner will be
exhibited at the
= or > $500
= or > $1,000
= or > $5,000
Hemlock level
sponsors will get one
half of a page in the
program and a
prominent place on
the banner for name
and logo (one color
but different color
from the other
sponsors for
stand-out purposes).
= or > $10,000
Hemlock Forest level
sponsors will get one
full page devoted to
them in the
program and will be
listed on a separate
banner from the
other sponsors.  The
banner will include
name and logo in
original full color.  
Website can be
included if desired.