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       Beth Sanders

Monetary Donations

Send a check or money order payable to Lumpkin Coalition to:
Lumpkin Coalition
3865 Dawsonville Highway
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Include your name and address and we will send a receipt for income tax
purposes.You can also donate through PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Gifts in Kind

Donations of materials, services, and items are especially appreciated.

If you would like to support the Coalition in any of these ways, please
contact Forest Hilyer at (706) 265-5282 or  Email Forest to see what may
be needed.

Volunteer Opportunities

We cherish the gift of yourself! Please visit our contact page for a list of
available volunteers to request volunteer opportunity information, or feel
free to check our homepage for upcoming meetings. Our meetings are
always open to new faces so don't be afraid to pop on by and ask what you
can do to help!

501(c)3 charitable organization with all
officers and staff being unpaid vounteers. We
depend on sponsorships, donations, and
fundraising events to finance our mission. All
contributions -- whether in the form of funds,
materials, or services -- are fully

Donations are used to help us:

raise public awareness of the Hemlock devastion

promote action towards curing problems

provide support to predatory beetle labs in
Georgia which combat the HWA (the ruinous
Hemlock woolly adelgid beetle) on public land

assist private land owners with personalized
help for their Hemlocks

assist public agencies in managing the health of
their Hemlock trees

facilitate projects that benefit north Georgia,
Lumpkin County, its residents and visitors.

Please help us with a donation of your time,
money or a like-kind gift. All are valuable to us
and appreciated!