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Logan Turnpike

"Note: As of mid-2016, access to the Logan Turnpike trailhead at the south end is blocked with a locked gate by a property owner. This is the access in from Kellum Valley Rd off of US129, west of Cleveland. The trail can be accessed from the north end at Tesnatee Gap off of Richard Russel Scenic Highway. Contact USFS, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest for current status information."

The Lumpkin Coalition, in conjunction with CoTrails, has accepted responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the Logan Turnpike Trail in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness of the Chatahoochee National Forest. This USFS trail begins in Kellum Valley, runs past the headwaters of Town Creek, and ends at Tesnatee Gap where it intersects the Appalachian Trail. The trail follows the route of an early 1800s toll road through the southern Appalachian mountains and is described in some of John Muir's writings.

Coalition members and others perform periodic upkeep of the trail on a volunteer basis. There are also several long-term issues with the trail that we hope to address over the next few years as resources become available.

Please email Jack Rogers ( for more information.
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