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River Cleanup 2017

Rivers Alive is Georgia's annual volunteer waterway cleanup event that targets all waterways in the State including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, and wetlands. The mission of Rivers Alive is to create awareness of and involvement in the preservation of Georgia's water resources. Rivers Alive is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division's Georgia Adopt-A-Stream Program and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs' Keep Georgia Beautiful Program.

On Saturday, October 07, 2017, Lumpkin Coalition will sponsor cleanup of publicly accessible areas of the Chestatee and Etowah Rivers in Lumpkin County (and possibly Yahoola Creek, Zwerner Reservoir, and Etowah River through Dawson Forest). Cleanup will include paddling teams on-river and land-based teams for sites at public access points. Participants will determine which teams they wish to join. Interested individuals; paddling, environmental, and special-interest outdoor groups; students and youth groups; civic organizations; and church groups are invited to participate. All ages will be welcomed. All receive a Rivers Alive t-shirt. The following land sites and river sections will be targeted by need and by number and interests of persons participating.

LAND TEAMS – Persons will be needed to comprise teams for the following sites:

    • Coppermine Road bridge area and around Coppermine Rapid
    • Highway 52 bridge area
    • Highway 60 bridge area
    • Highway 60 launch area
    • Highway 400 bridge area
    • Lumpkin County Recreation Park

    • Hightower Church Road bridge area
    • Jay Bridge Road bridge area
    • Highway 52 bridge area
    • Highway 9 bridge area
    • Castleberry Road bridge area
    • Highway 136 bridge area

PADDLING TEAMS – Persons will be needed to comprise paddling teams (at least 2 boats per team, preferably more) for the following river sections (times are for normal paddling only; total time will be longer due to shuttle and cleanup):

    • Coppermine Rapid to Highway 52 – about 2.5 hours. Experienced paddlers.
    • Highway 52 to Appalachian Outfitters – about 2 hours. Easy paddle – no experience required.
    • Appalachian Outfitters to Highway 60 Launch – about 2 hours. No experience required.
    • Highway 60 Launch to Lumpkin County Recreation Park – about 3 hours. No experience required.

    • Hightower Bridge to Jay Bridge – about 5 hours. Experienced paddlers.
    • Jay Bridge to Chuck Shoals - about 2 hours. No experience required.
    • Chuck Shoals to Castleberry Bridge – about 3 hours (with mandatory portage at Etowah Falls). Some experience required.
    • Castleberry Bridge to Highway 136 – about 6 hours (water level will determine). The “tunnel” section - some experience required.
    • May add Dawson Forest section in Dawson County – about 3 hours plus shuttle – no experience required.

    • May add these, depending on number of participants.
Let Your Voice Be Heard

To stay informed about environmental legislation and receive alerts,
join the Georgia Environmental Action Network (GEAN) by visiting

Identify your legislators here:
Contact your legislators.

Ready To Volunteer?

Meet at 9:00 AM at Hilyer residence, 3865 Dawsonville Highway, Dahlonega (directions below).
Enjoy coffee, juice, and bagels.
Organize into land and river teams.
Obtain Rivers Alive t-shirt.
Sign liability release and disperse to various areas.
Return for burgers/dogs and beverage.
Submit report on trash-collected.
Elvin or Nancy Hilyer, Coordinators
Elvin cell: 706 429 6011 or
Nancy cell: 706 429 7079

Would be helpful, but not essential, to know if you are coming. Notify Elvin at email address or telephone number above and let him know your preference to be on a land team or an on-river team (and type boat you will be paddling if on-river).
Let him know also (1) if you have a tandem boat and have a “vacant seat” for a paddler without a boat; (2) if you wish to paddle and need such a “vacant seat” – will match to extent possible.

Directions to 3865 Dawsonville Hwy, Dahlonega.
From any direction: Park in eyebrow turnoff or along highway.
From Dahlonega: Drive west on Highway 9 toward Dawsonville about 6 mi. from town square. Cross Etowah River and go about 1/10th mile to second driveway on left. Note sign “3865.”
From Dawsonville: Drive east on Highway 9 toward Dahlonega about 9 miles. Note sign “3865” on right. If cross Etowah River, turn around and go back 1/10th mile.
From Atlanta: Drive “north” on Highway 400 about 42 miles above 285 to third redlight beyond North Georgia Premium Outlets. Take left on Highway 136. In 6 miles take right at 4-way stop on Highway 9. Drive 7 miles to “3865.” If cross Etowah River, turn around and go back 1/10th mile.